And the Coffeepot Crack'd... (A Follow-Up)

A cautionary tale, what happens when you don't read the thoughtfully written signs...

"The Eye! The Eye!"


Ruminations Over a Sink Full of Dishes (follow-up)

Haahhaha ... it's gone viral....

Ruminations Over a Sink Full of Dishes

Today's gem:

This is Our Kitchen

... a hotbed for information to be disseminated on any vertical flat surface. If you have a ream of copy paper and a printer (or a sharpie), the world is your soapbox.


And the Coffeepot Crack'd...

An pre-emptive effort in the war against empty coffeepots, cracked carafes, and burned remnants of leftover joe.

Take note of the distinct font choice.... There is a new signmaker in our midsts!


Incoming: Kamikaze Train Tracks

As seen by the train tracks down the street....

Not very reassuring.